Little Burgundy – A Favorite of the Montreal Neighborhoods


itPETITE-BOURGOGNE or Little Burgundy is really one of the rising stars in Montreal neighborhoods. And there are many reasons why that’s so… 

The Sud-Ouest’s Petite-Bourgogne is French for Little Burgundy and it offers something for everyone. When you visit this neighborhood, you’ll find it’s a harmonious blend of all things imaginable. There are modern cocktail bars mixed with antique shops, lamp makers, lifestyle shops, well-known restaurants, quaint cafes, and even performance spaces.

Little Burgundy has even hosted important international figures of the time –  Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama.

Montreal’s Famous Antique Shops in Little Burgundy

Known as the Antique District, this part of Montreal is a great place to explore a collection of mysteries and stories of the city.

As you walk into the area’s antique shops, you’ll be met with endless books and unique objects, each with its own story. Make sure you give yourself enough time to discover all the nooks and crannies.

This neighborhood is one of the must-visit parts of Montreal. You’ll find the Antique District located mainly on Notre-Dame Street West between Atwater Avenue and Guy Street. It also makes its way into Atwater Avenue and Saint-Henri neighborhood, where you’ll find l’Hotel des Encans.

These antique shops serve up a variety of items from different eras including Arts and Crafts, Modern, Industrial, Kitsch, Retro, Rococo, Romantic, Mid-Century, Scandanavian, Bauhaus, and many more.

Walking into these shops is like taking a step back into history. They’re magical, and the owners will meet you with a passion that’s eccentric and charming. You’ll find yourself listening to the stories of each and every item in the stores.

After a short time, you’ll find that you feel at home here. You can plan a makeover of your space using the beautiful tableware, vases, antique candlesticks, chandeliers, handmade dressers, and unique clocks you find.

The smell of wood and old suitcases is all around. And the sounds of creaky floors will give you a blast of nostalgia and transport you to special memories.

Little Burgundy
Simon Bonaventure

Overall, there are more than 900 places in this Montreal neighborhood to enjoy shopping, eating, taking in the culture and having fun!