Lemon Eucalyptus Showed to Protect Against COVID-19

A natural mosquito repellent was given to British soldiers back in April 2020 showed to protect against COVID-19.

According to junior defence minister, Jeremy Quin, the research found that sprays containing Citriodiol “can kill the virus”.

Citriodiol is made with lemon eucalyptus and is known to be a natural alternative to Deet.

The Porton Down-based Defence Science and Technology Lab (DSTL) tested the efficiency of the Citriodiol-based spray, Mosi-guard, on both artificial skin and plastic and produced an 8-page paper that the Ministry of Defence later released.

However, the lab was more cautious saying that there was “some loss of recoverable virus” on the artificial skin after an hour of spraying it with Mosi-guard. And, there were traces of the virus still recoverable after four hours.

Citridiol was given to the army early in the novel coronavirus outbreak because it is known to kill Sars and other strains of coronavirus.

So, according to the defence secretary, the spray was issued knowing that it does not cause any harm and also that it could be more protection to soldiers.

Just how many soldiers used the spray containing the lemon eucalyptus that showed to protect against COVID-19 is unknown.