Legal Cannabis Tracking System Will Keep it Off the Black Market


With the legalization of cannabis approaching in Canada, the government is preparing for a smooth transition.

Health Canada announced the creation of a new Cannabis Tracking System. It is meant to keep legal weed from finding its way to the black market. At the same time, it will also keeping illicit cannabis out of the legal system.

Health Canada developed and started the Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System in the summer of 2017. The system tracks cannabis throughout the movement process. It begins where it is grown, follows to where it’s processed, and tracks it all the way to where it’s sold.

The system will also include an online portal for applications for prospective licensees. The management of processes such as licensing, security clearances, and inspections will all be handled through the portal.

Health Canada reports that the system’s development cost around $2.3 million. There will be ongoing costs, however, as the system is implemented.

The new system was built up from an existent process used by the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). That process was used for almost 5 years. It asks license holders to submit monthly inventory reports. Since no tracking system is involved, the costs are not comparable.

Health Canada plans to facilitate a smooth transition to the use of the tracking system by working closely with federal license holders, provinces, and territories.

The cannabis tracking system won’t collect the user’s personal information. Only necessary data will be collected to ensure national functioning.