Land Expropriations Rose By 580% When Montreal Gave Bureaucrats Power

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Private land seizures in 2016 went up by 580% and this was all done very quietly when the Denis Coderre administration transferred power to bureaucrats.

Land expropriations are common everywhere as the city needs to build roads and lanes and such, but not like this.

Any real estate transactions with city departments required approval from the city executive committee before. In fact, this was common practice for decades.

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But, then, the Coderre administration, in May 2016, delegated its authority to the civil servants. This gave the bureaucrats FULL CONTROL.

So, as they sat behind closed doors, they decided which properties the wanted to expropriate with the need for a public resolution passed by the executive committee.

According to the news outlet that broke this story, only 67 expropriations under Section 192 of the charter were approved throughout the years until the transfer of power.

That was about 10 expropriations per year.

Then, when the power shifted to civil servants, there were over 200 expropriations from the middle of 2016 through August of last year! That’s about 68 properties per year.

Here is one special case:

  • A 90-year-old owner of a property in Pointe-aux-Trembles bought the land in the 1950s.
  • Every year, this investor paid taxes on that property.
  • Said property was expropriated in 2017.
  • The City of Montreal took ownership of property WITHOUT informing the owner.
  • The owner only found out about the expropriation of his property when contacted by the reporter that broke the story in June 2020!