Kirk Douglas Died Today at 103 Years Old


Kirk Douglas, one of Hollywood’s greatest leading men died today at 103 years old.

The famous actor played in iconic movies like Spartacus.

He also in the movie, “Runner” which was partly filmed in Montreal in the 1970s. Although it cost $4 million to make, it was sold to TV before even releasing it for $5 million.

The legendary actor and father of Michael Douglas was also a humanitarian. Born to Russian immigrant parents, Kirk Douglas counted on his good looks to launch his remarkable acting career.

But, not everything came easy to him. Although he attended St. Lawrence University on a wrestling scholarship, he paid his way working as a janitor and gardner before winning a scholarship to the Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.

He made his debut on Broadway in 1941, served in the Navy in WWII, and later went to Hollywood where he made a few movies before “Champion,” the movie that earned him an Oscar nomination.

He also formed his own production company in the mid 1950s.

Although he never won an Oscar, he was nominated 3 times. And, in 1996, he received a lifetime achievement award.

RIP Mr. Kirk Douglas

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