Kevin O’Leary Wrongful Death Lawsuit Going Forward

kevin o'leary wrongful death lawsuit

Things aren’t looking great for celebrity tycoon and former Conservative Party Leader hopeful Kevin O’Leary. The Linda and Kevin O’Leary wrongful death lawsuit is going forward.

The boating accident occurred on August 24, around midnight in Ontario’s Lake Joseph, when Linda O’Leary was behind the wheel. The family of one of the victim’s is suing the couple.

The case is to be heard in a couple of weeks, on November 21. Linda O’Leary isn’t going to jail, but she is charged with careless operation of a vessel.

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Initially, O’Leary faced 18 months imprisonment as a maximum penalty and a fine of $1 million, according the Shipping Act.

But, O’Leary’s lawyer challenged the interpretation of that Act, leading to an amendment to the charges. In the end, there will not be any jail time and the maximum fine is $10,000 — which is just pocket change for the wealthy woman.

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