Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Are Moving to Canada


Many musicians and actors born in Canada make their way to the US to further their careers. The Biebs is one of them. After recently getting engaged to the American model, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are moving to Canada.

The couple has tired of life in NYC and L.A. and are looking for a break from the paparazzi.

Bieber bought a $5 million mansion in Cambridge, Ontario to move into with his other half. The house has private access to a lake, an equestrian facility, and a devoted wine room. Not bad, eh?

Many Canadian celebrities live in the US because of work or partners that want to stay in their home country, a common practice among Canadian performers. There are some Canadian A-listers who want to move home, however.

Bieber and Hailey have already visited Canada together. They were probably checking out their new home and visiting Bieber’s family before saying ‘I do!’

Time will tell whether the couple decide to stay long-term in Canada!

Canada has also produced stars like Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling who have taken Hollywood by storm and settled down with fellow A-listers to the south.