Les Jardins Gamelin in Montreal Will Have You Feeling Like You’re in Europe


Montreal’s “European Square” is opening soon, and if you’ve never heard about it, here’s what you’ve been missing…

In the heart of Montreal lies a magical place with a European flair that you just can’t miss. There’s music to entertain, people walking around and others are sitting under parasols not far from vegetable gardens filled with growing sunflowers, herbs, and other fresh produce.

Jardins Gamelin

It wasn’t that long ago that this area was a dreary spot that most people wouldn’t want to ever find themselves in. It was known as Place Émilie-Gamelin, and was home to the homeless, drug users and drug dealers, and was avoided by typical Montrealers.

Jardins Gamelin

Now, it’s completely transformed – an entire quadrant was recreated into a beautiful park that draws crowds from all over town. It has completely shed its bad reputation and has become the “in” outdoor place in Montreal.

So, What is This Spectacular Les Jardins Gamelin and Where is It?

Now, it’s known as Les Jardins Gamelin. It is now a public garden and concert venue. It’s also a cafe and bar. At its entrance is a huge sign that lights up with its new name to welcome you.

Jardins Gamelin

And welcome you it does – with its raised garden beds and beautiful modern artwork that blends in with the rustic look of the garden beds that form winding paths.

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Any time of day after 7:30 AM, enjoy coffee, snacks, sandwiches and salads as you unwind, seated at wooden tables that are shaded by parasols.

Jardins Gamelin

By nightfall and until 11 PM, the parasols light up with party lights. And if you look up, you’ll enjoy a huge overhead sculpture that floats above.

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On weekends, drop by for cocktails, beer or wine in this reborn park located between Berri and St-Hubert streets, not far from the Gay Village, in downtown Montreal.

Jardins Gamelin

It’s busy and exciting with people from all walks of life who enjoy the bustle and jazzy music. And, it’s in a safe environment with ambiance that draws crowds. What was a neglected urban space has now become repurposed place for everyone. Montrealers can enjoy the gardens during the day or at night, whether it’s a concert or yoga classes.

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  1. Les Jardins Gamelin was inspired by German biergartens, mostly for the public spaces where people gather, hang out, and have fun, rather than for the drinking. The recycled pallets used to build movable benches for instance, give it a rustic and relaxed feel.