It’s Going to Snow for 6 Days Starting Next Week!


It can’t be avoided, winter is here and it had an early start but, luckily fall fought back and returned for a bit. But, it’s safe to say that in a few days winter will be here for good.

According to the Weather Network, it’s going to snow for 6 days starting on Wednesday. While the accumulation, at this time, may seem insignificant on most days, we never know how it’s going to go.

So far, the we’re expecting 1 centimeter of snow on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday respectively.

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But then, Sunday December 8th is going to bring about 3 cm of snow and Monday the 9th will dump about 5 cm, while Tuesday will give us about another centimeter.

That’s a total of 13 cm of snow in the coming week but on the plus side, the temperatures are going to hover around the freezing mark during the day.