It’s Going to Snow for 10 Days in a Row in Montreal Starting Today


We may not have had a white Christmas, and overall, it looked like winter pretty much forgot about Montreal, but that’s about to change.

In fact, starting today, it’s going to snow for 10 days in a row in Montreal, according to the Weather Network. The total snowfall over the period: up to 35 cm!

And, we’re in for some milder temperatures, for the most part, considering it’s January.

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So, the way to look at this weather forecast is with a positive outlook — it’s January in Montreal which means that snow is virtually inevitable. Along with the snow, this time of year is usually really cold, too.

This is where we got lucky because, with the milder temperatures, we might actually be able to enjoy some fun outdoor activities without freezing our butts off.

So, grab your skates, snowboards, or skis and get out there and enjoy January 2020 in Montreal.

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