It Could Be End Of 40 Years Without Security Deposits For Tenants In Quebec

security deposits in quebec

If you’re renting an apartment in Quebec, you might have to cough up a security deposit before getting the keys. The Regie du logement (the Quebec rental board) did away with security deposits in 1980, when it was formed.

For decades now, security deposits did not exist in Quebec. Any future tenant would simply pay their first month’s rent and that would be that. But, that could change soon.

In other provinces, a security deposit along with the first month’s rent is common.

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Just out of the blue and after a ruling by the rental board of Quebec, that security deposit might be something all tenants may have to deal with.

One ruling involving a tenant from Europe who was unaware of the Quebec laws that ban security deposits is what tipped the scales.

The landlords’ association now encourages their members to ask for those damage deposits and let it be fought in court. This will likely become almost mandatory for any renters.

Unfortunately, the Regie du logement, dropped the ball with their ambiguous ruling, without any legal clarity.

The Quebec Landlords Corporation insists that this ruling be extended to all cases and is asking the rental board to permit damage deposits on a case-by-case basis, should tenants agree.

Basically, tenants will almost have no other choice than to renounce the protection from the law in order to rent a space.

Meanwhile, tenants’ right groups are pressuring the Regie to shed light on the situation. Read more…