Israel Reopened Schools When COVID Subsided, But It Was A Disaster


The world is trying to get back to normal amid the pandemic and one way is to reopen schools. The Quebec government is also pushing for the reopening of schools in the fall, but is it safe? When Israel had COVID-19 under control, they decided it would be safe to reopen their schools in May, but they didn’t expect an outbreak.

There are real dangers of moving too quickly to reopen schools.

At a Jerusalem high school, it took just a few days for infections to be reported. It quickly became the largest outbreak in a given school possibly in the entire world!

The virus spread quickly to the student’s homes. That lead to hundreds of teachers, students, and relatives becoming infected.

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Other outbreaks lead to school closures across Israel. In fact, it is reported that tens of thousands of teachers and students had to be quarantined.

Dr. Hagai Levine, a professor of epidemiology at Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Public Health said, “If there is a low number of cases, there is an illusion that the disease is over, but it’s a complete illusion.”

He went on to say, “The mistake in Israel is that you can open the education system, but you have to do it gradually, with certain limits, and you have to do it in a very careful way.”

Israel had been very successful at getting COVID-19 cases under control, but when the new government was sworn in and schools reopened, all that changed. Read more…