Is it Too Late to Plant Tulips in October?


Absolutely not! And for anyone who has put it off, this is your chance. The key is to plant tulips before the ground begins to freeze. Once the ground freezes, and this only takes one or two days of cold weather, you’ve pretty much missed the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful spring blooms.

All you need is for the soil to be soft and workable. This can be the case even if there has been some wet snow. It’s likely that the soil beneath the brushing of snow is still soft.

You can also still plant your tulips if the bulbs have a small shoot emerging from their top. It’s preferable for them not to have started growing but not all is lost if they have. In such cases bury them deep with the sprouting side upwards at a depth of about 30 cm below the surface.

The only time you can’t use tulip bulbs is if they’ve become dried out or squishy, or possibly too old. I healthy bulb is firm and heavy and should have a rounded appearance. To ensure they stay healthy, never store bulbs in plastic bags.

Tulip Bulbs You Shouldn’t Plant

If you notice any mould, don’t plant that bulb.

Don’t plant tulip bulbs that are missing any chunks to them or seem broken.