Is it Safe to Go to the Beach During the Pandemic?

is it safe to go to the beach during the pandemic

During the pandemic, rules change every day and scientists are learning more and more about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). And now, experts are answering important questions, like is it safe to go to the beach during the pandemic now?

With many activities canceled because of the pandemic and social distancing rules, people are looking for ways to exercise, have fun, and enjoy the summer weather. What better way than to go to the beach, right?

So, Is it Safe to Go to the Beach During the Pandemic?

According to experts, going to the beach is a low-risk activity, like some other outdoor activities. But, you must take precautions.

If it’s really crowded and people are too close together, risk levels will likely rise. And, experts say that the health benefits, both physical and mental, of being outdoors could outweigh the potential risks.

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It is vital for us to get outside and be active. Try to have as normal a life as possible, all things considered.

The important thing to know before going to the beach is to understand the COVID-19 situation in the particular area. Although Canadians can’t be in Florida currently, anyone going to the beach in Florida right now comes with a huge risk because of the surging new cases of coronavirus in the state.

Plan Ahead

So, before you go, do your homework to find out if the beach is open. Even if some beaches are open, they may be closed for swimming.

It’s also good to know whether the beach may have any special requirements with regards to COVID-19, like social distancing, requirement for wearing masks, and more. Remember each municipality can have its own rules and regulations.

Knowing in advance allows you to decide whether you want to go in the first place. And if you are still interested in going to the beach, you’ll be able to be prepared.

Some beaches have put in place capacity limits, so you might have to get there bright and early to actually get in.

Another thing to consider is your transportation. Arriving by public transport will increase your risk compared to when traveling by a personal vehicle.

Also, social distancing is really important, even if you’re outside. Stay 2m (6 feet) apart from others everywhere, including when you’re in the water.

Bring a face mask with you for when you can’t social distance.


If you have to visit a changing room or a public restrooms, wear your mask. These enclosed spaces should be treated like any public space.

We hope we’ve answered your questions about “is it safe to go to the beach during the pandemic.”