Is it Safe to Go to a Barbecue During COVID-19?

is it safe to go to a barbecue during COVID-19

It’s important to be as safe as possible whenever you’re planning an outing or a party at home. Here’s what the experts are saying with regards to the question, “is it safe to go to a barbecue during COVID-19?”

It’s kind of hard to imagine a summer without even just one barbecue but lots of places are experiencing an increase of new cases of coronavirus.

Experts, however, say gatherings are probably the biggest health hazards of the summer.

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How to socialize safely, according to infectious disease specialists:

1) The size of the gathering.

It all depends on the size of your backyard. The smaller the space, the fewer the guests.

2) The rules of your municipality.

Follow the rules and regulations of your town — each has its own! You may not be permitted to have a barbecue at a given time, depending on the number of new cases of COVID-19. There are also capacity limits imposed by governments to follow.

Having a Barbecue During COVID? Consider the Guest List

  • When you’re planning your guest list, consider the age and health of each.
  • Don’t invite anyone who is vulnerable and do not have a barbecue if your health is at risk.
  • Remind everyone to bring a mask.
  • Surely someone will have to use the bathroom inside your home. It’s safer to allow people in your home that are wearing face masks.

What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

  • Do have hand sanitizer handy.
  • Do NOT have any shared dishes, like dips or chips.
  • DO use disposable utensils and dishes.
  • Do have foods individually wrapped or keep a good distance between foods on a platter.
  • Do keep mayonnaise and foods containing it chilled to avoid foodborne illnesses.
  • Do put out condiments in pre-filled mini paper cups to avoid guests touching the same items or allow only one person to serve condiments.
  • Do provide individual bottles or cans of drinks to keep everyone hydrated, especially when it’s really hot outside.
  • Do wear masks and gloves when serving food to guest.

Should Everyone Wear Gloves and Masks?

If social distancing isn’t being practiced, then it is highly recommended that everyone wear masks.

Household disinfectants kill the virus that causes COVID-19, so it is important to wipe down high-touch areas before, during and after the gathering. This also includes the bathroom.

Have fun and stay safe and we hope the experts have answered your question about “is it safe to have a barbecue during the pandemic.”