Imagine Van Gogh Montreal Exhibition – An Immersive Adventure


Take a unique trip to the Imagine Van Gogh Montreal exhibition that will walk you through over 200 works of art by the late, world-famous Dutch artist.

Featured: Vincent Van Gogh’s classics in this immersive experience, built by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron.

Imagine Van Gogh was first presented in Le Havre, France before making its way here to Montreal this winter.

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Visitors can experience his 1888 – 1890 paintings, including his series of portraits. A music soundtrack plays in the background to take you on a journey along with his famous art. You’d be walking in Van Gogh’s paintings.

The exhibition takes place at the Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal art center. Located at the intersection of Notre-Dame and William Streets, it’s easy to get to.

His paintings are projected on imposing walls and even on the floor, so it’s quite the experience! Take in the giant artwork that will definitely stimulate the senses. See his famous Sunflowers, Starry Night, and many more.

The Imagine Van Gogh Montreal exhibition goes from December 3, 2019 in Griffintown.

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