“I’m Not A Hero” Really How Often Do We Hear That!


Montreal driver who thought quickly and acted even quicker saved the lives of many pedestrians downtown at around noon on Tuesday, November 12, 2019.

Erick Marciano is the man who averted a disaster in the heart of Montreal when he drove in front of another car that was speeding away from police.

If he hadn’t done so, many pedestrians could have easily been run over by the 19-year-old driver trying to escape from the authorities at the corners of René-Lévesque and St. Denis St.

Montreal Police tried to stop the young driver at René-Lévesque and Berri St, but he took off.

Marciano, the hero, was in his SUV at a red light on St. Denis when he saw the car that was being chased by the police. And then, he saw people all around at the intersection — from pedestrians to construction workers.

His thoughts: Europe terror attacks that involved vehicles.

So without question, he drove into the intersection to prevent this potential tragedy in Montreal.

Marciano didn’t care about his personal possessions. He knew his Mercedes SUV would be completely destroyed, but he didn’t care. People are more important.

Meanwhile, the 19-year-old suspect smashed into Marciano’s SUV and suffered some injuries and was transported to a hospital where he was treated.

Because of Marciano’s heroic act, his insurance company covered the loss completely, including the deductibles!

When have we heard that one?!