Illuminart 2019 Mesmerizing Montrealers Again for Free!


A part of the Montreal en Lumiere Festival, Illuminart 2019 is back to blow you away with fusing lights, technology, art.

It all unfolds downtown in Montreal as it waits to be explored and discovered by an inquisitive audience.

Local and international teams of engineers, designers, artists, and other creative minds come together to bring life to the space.

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This is a must see, inspiring and entertaining experience for all ages. It’s impressive and fun.

Here’s one of the projects…

This is Influx- a sculpture developed from information of visualization of the BIXI bikes network. Basically, it’s the number of trips using Bixi Bikes over the year which resulted in this unique shape.

And, there’s so much more to discover. Don’t miss Illuminart 2019 in Montreal.

When: FEBRUARY 21, 2019 TO MARCH 3, 2019

Click the link to the website for all the projects and locations.