Have you been wanting to update your decor but thought it’s too difficult to sell your current stuff on places like Kijiji or Varagesale?

There are alternatives now! This furniture store will buy back it’s merchandise from you – no questions asked!

The New IKEA Sell-Back Program

Ikea Sell-Back Program

The new furniture IKEA Sell-Back program is on in Canada. They will take back their stuff and give you in-store credit you can use to redecorate your home!

It’s easy and straightforward.

No strings attached.

No fine print.

All you have to do is register for FREE as an IKEA Family member. Link your closest store to your account you’re ready to go.

Follow the next 3 easy steps to get your in-store credit:

1. Take at least 4 photos of the item you’re selling.
2. Wait up to 3 days, sometimes less for the assessment.
3. Take the item to the selected IKEA store and receive your in-store credit.

If that’s not impressive enough, IKEA just stepped up to the plate and announced their new 365-day return policy!

So you now have up to 1 year to return any products that are unused – up from 45 days!

Click the link for more information about the huge IKEA Sell-Back Program.