Hong Man Is First Documented COVID-19 Reinfection Case

Everyone was hoping that people who got COVID-19 would have antibodies and be immune to it, but that’s not what happened to this man.

The 33-year-old Hong Kong man was screened for the novel coronavirus at the airport on his return from Spain.

He got the coronavirus in March, experiencing fever, a sore throat, and headache. But, he recovered.

In mid-August, he tested positive once again but this time, with a slightly different strain of the virus! And, he was asymptomatic the second time.

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That has experts wondering whether we’ll be needing more frequent vaccinations against the virus.

This also means that those who had the virus and recovered should still wear a mask in the event that they get reinfected and continue spreading the virus.

On the flip side, the World Health Organization says that we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves since this is just one case. For more, click the link.