5 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Foodies – Ideas Made Simple


If you enjoy giving gifts, then you want to give something to someone special that will be appreciated. So, what do you get someone who really loves food? Here are some awesome ideas for the best gifts for foodies for the holidays and beyond.


In case you haven’t heard, poutine is all the rage lately. What started out as a Quebec favorite is now making its way around the world. So, how about a Poutine Kit from Make Cheese!

This screams Canadian (and so Montreal) and anyone in Canada would absolutely love it. Of course, they’ll have to provide their own fries. But, they get a gravy and cheese-curd making kit. Visit Makecheese.ca

Search And Rescue Denim Co. Handmade Aprons

This company is in Vancouver and offers handmade aprons for the public, as well as for the food Service Industries, like restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. You can even customize each apron so it is ideal for the foodie you love.

Search and Rescue Denim Co./Facebook

Don’t worry, they ship their handmade aprons across Canada. Visit
Search & Rescue Denim Co

Pure Maple Syrup from Quebec Producers

You can’t compare the taste of pure maple syrup to any made with artificial ingredients. And Quebec is known for its amazing maple syrup – they’re even the leading producers in the entire world!

You can buy it in various sizes and bottle designs that is sure to please any foodie on your list.

Gift Baskets from Local Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Gift baskets make excellent Christmas gifts. They show you care, but only when you choose the right selection that suits the recipient. When it comes to foodies, be sure to choose their gift baskets wisely according to their tastes. If you really want to win them over, choose baskets filled with gourmet products.

Kitchen Gadgets They Don’t Have

There isn’t a foodie in town that has every single kitchen utensil or accessory. And, there isn’t a foodie that wouldn’t want to add to their collection of kitchen gadgets and accessories, like the Ravi Wine Chiller that chills wine to the precise temperature in a snap…

or a snazzy new corkscrew for the wine lovers!