Here’s Why Tim Hortons Had a Sharp Decline in 2017


Did you visit Tim Hortons in 2017? A study by Ipsos showed that the coffee chain’s popularity dropped significantly last year, and we may be starting to learn why. Feedback has surfaced stating the quality of Tim Hortons products played a big role. From the quality of the coffee to the less than clean appearance of restaurants, customers were not satisfied.

Another common complaint was that Tim Hortons, bought out by Burger King, doesn’t provide enough healthy options on their menu. The service at Tim Hortons was also under fire with customers claiming, ‘they always mess up orders.’

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A final feedback point was that there simply isn’t a wide variety at the chain. It looks like Tim Hortons will have to make some big changes if they plan to improve their ratings! Although, they were doing quite well until they were bought out, don’t you think?