Health Canada Issues Warning About Counterfeit N95 Masks

n95 masks counterfeit

If you’ve gone out of your way to wear only but the best in face masks, the N95 respirators worn by health care professionals, then you may be at risk. Health Canada has issued an advisory warning Canadians about them.

Health Canada found that counterfeit N95 respirators were sold by Shanghai Lansheng Light Industrial Products, which sold the counterfeit respirators under the name Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Co. Ltd.

Counterfeit respirators, according to Health Canada,

“may not protect Canadians against the virus that causes COVID-19.”

These respirators were falsely labeled and marked and sold as being approved by the NIOSH, or the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

But, they weren’t! As such, they had to recall the product and stop sales immediately.

Health Canada is working alongside other departments, including the Canada Border Services Agency to “prevent the importation of this product” and also take action against the import of other counterfeit respirators in Canada…[read more]