8 Health Benefits of Green Tea

health benefits of green tea

For thousands of years, drinking green tea regularly was common among Asian civilizations. And throughout time, those who did drink it, reaped its rewards. Finally, the West has caught up and is now more than ever, drinking green tea and getting all the health benefits they can from it.

As you may already know, green tea is loaded with antioxidants that help people in many ways, from weight loss to preventing cancer and so much more in between.

Some of the Health Benefits of Green Tea

1. May prevent cancer. In your daily diet, it can help reduce the chance of getting different types (such as stomach, bladder, colon, and others) of cancer by up to 60%.

2. Reduces blood sugar, which can help with Type II diabetes.

3. Helps protect your liver from various toxins that decrease its function, like from chemicals found in tobacco and alcohol.

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4. Can keep you young. Green tea actually fights free radicals.

5. Green tea stimulates the metabolism, so you can burn more calories and lose weight.

6. Hydrates the body, thereby relieving fatigue and stress by helping maintain a healthy fluid balance.

7. Inhibits the spread of disease thanks to its antibacterial and antiviral properties.

8. Keeps your mouth healthy by suppressing plaque formation. Meanwhile, it also destroys plaque forming bacteria, which is responsible for bad breath.

It takes minutes to prepare and enjoy a cup of green tea, so add it to your daily routine to look and feel better than ever.

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