Guy Laliberte’s Private Island is For Rent on Airbnb! Check It Out


Guy Laliberte, the creator of Cirque du Soleil has made headlines in the last couple of weeks, and not in the greatest way. Laliberte was arrested by police for allegedly growing and trafficking marijuana on his private island, Nukutepipi, in French Polynesia.

Oh, and FYI, Guy Laliberte’s private island is for rent on Airbnb.

But, it’s not for rent because of Laliberte’s problems. The Quebec billionaire actually put up his paradise private island on Airbnb Luxe back in August. He’s actually owned it since 2007.

The luxurious getaway destination is really for the ultra rich, renting out for almost $200 K PER NIGHT and over $1 Million for a week’s stay. So, it’s safe to say, most of us won’t be flocking to the island any time soon.

Check out the photos of Nukutepipi on Airbnb Luxe

But, Nukutepipi is stunning, for anyone who can afford it. The island is surrounded by turquoise clear waters and is blanketed by white sand and shaded by lush, green palm trees.

And when you rent Nukutepipi, you can bring another 51 guests with you to stay at the 21-bedroom resort. There are 16 villas and 25 bathrooms.