Government Steps Up the Fight Against Salmonella to Protect Canadians


Canada’s federal government wants to make sure that all Canadians have access to safe and healthy food.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Health Canada, and the Public Health Agency of Canada are careful to warn citizens about the dangers of consuming raw frozen breaded poultry products and using proper cooking techniques to avoid salmonella.

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Although there have been great efforts made to educate and remind people about food safety, frozen raw breaded chicken products remain a source of salmonella infection in Canada.

That’s why the CFIA is now working with the food industry to implement measures at the processing level which will reduce salmonella to an amount that is not detectable in products like chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, and chicken burgers for sale.

The CFIA has given a 12-month period of implementation to the industry, to change the salmonella standards, beginning immediately.