GameCave Mobile Video Game Co. Gives Gamers Their Dream Birthday Party

gamer birthday party

This new video game company offers a unique birthday party idea. GameCave is a mobile video game company.

The mobile video game trailer is equipped with many of the latest games for all the latest consoles. They have 5 TVs and 4 virtual reality stations to go along with that, too!

GameCave Montreal is ideal for kids birthday parties, but it’s more than just that! It’s great for a teen party, a corporate event, an adult/family reunion, a school event, and more!

The company takes care of setup, supervision, instruction, entertainment, and packing up after the fact. How convenient!

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Although GameCave recommends that children should be over the age of six, there is no age limit. But children younger than six must be accompanied by an adult.

The trailer will come to your house two hours in advance to set up – it even runs off of its own generator!

Parents give the staff a list of approved games of on the day of the party.

The cost of this party is between $300-$450 based on the number of children and how long they’re there. GameCave travels anywhere in Montreal, and its surrounding areas.

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