Furious & Frigid End to Winter But Montreal Spring Forecast Promising


According to meteorologist, Dr. Doug Gillham, Canada is in for a furious and frigid finish to winter. We’ll likely even have some wild weather in the start of March.

February was cold and extreme at times. And, it looks like it will be the weather for early March.

Too bad for the kids off school on March break. They may end up staying indoors more than they’d like.

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So, don’t expect to put away your winter gear when March rolls in.

The Montreal Spring Forecast 2019

The good news is you can think about do that in mid-March.

It looks like right in the middle of the month, spring will spring up on us. The transition is supposed to be quick, and for most of us, it will be greatly appreciated. And it will stay with us right into early April, with beautiful warm spring weather.

Unfortunately, it won’t be warm and sunny throughout the entire season. Throughout April and May, there will probably be some cold weather patterns forming that will interrupt seasonal temperatures and the plans you’ve been making.

Spring precipitation in Montreal looks promising: not too dry and not too wet. And, we’ll even have fewer storms than usual this spring 2019!

So, plan ahead to make the most of spring in Montreal.

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