Fright Fest 2019 Returns to La Ronde

Fright Fest

One place in the city where you can get great thrills is Montreal’s amusement park, La Ronde. It’s also the place for Fright Fest, which is happening next month.

What’s So Great about Fright Fest?

You get all the thrilling rides along with many scares that include:

  • terrifying haunted houses
  • scary dark mazes
  • scare zones
  • themed shows like the “Chainsaw Guys” and “The Taxidermist”
  • actors who are dressed in costumes scaring visitors
  • Thrill rides decorated for this event, with vampires and more!

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What else can you ask for to get your adrenaline running?

La Ronde Fright Fest takes place every weekend in October from the 4th to the 28th.

*Important: Guests not permitted to wear costumes or masks, nor use face paint.

**This event is only for an audience of 13+.

La Ronde Fright Fest

When: October 4 and every Thursday thru Sunday until Oct. 28
Where: La Ronde (22 MacDonald)

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For more detailed information, click the link to their website.