Frédéric-Back Park: From Quarry & City Dump to a Stunning Green Space

frederic back park

What was once a city dump and a quarry has been transformed into a stunning park. Enter the Parc Frédéric-Back in Montreal’s Villeray and Saint-Michel district. The park is undoubtedly the city’s most enthusiastic project in rehabilitating a space.

The 1.92 square kilometer park is a breath of fresh air, with stunning vistas, picnic areas that are sheltered, and a 5.5 km bike path! But there’s so much more…

Discover the incredible skatepark and the circus center in this cultural park named after the famed artist who dedicated his artwork to preserving nature.

frederic back park
The indoor skatepark in Frederic Back Park

Frederic Back Park or Parc Frédéric-Back opened to the public in 2017.

Located within the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex, the amazing park offers a vast array of activities and plenty of lush green space that’s dedicated to culture and the environment.

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Wondering what those sci-fi spheres are all over the park?

frederic back park

We did, too! Actually, these spheres are bio-gas wells. They are an important part of the renewable energy system of the park.

Named after artist Frédéric-Back, the magical spot in the heart of Montreal is open daily from 6 AM to midnight. The Oscar-winning director, noticed for his animated shorts, like “The Man Who Planted Trees” and also “Crac” turned industry into nature.

Frederic Back Park
Jean Gagnon

And for all those who enjoy the outdoors and activities Frederic Back Park is the place to go with activities including:

Walking trails

There’s even free parking if you come by car! Using public transport, exit at Metro Jarry or Bus 193 East.

The History of Frederic Back Park

The area that is home to this exceptional property was once submerged under water millions of years ago. That’s why in the limestone rock within the park, we can see fossils.

From there, the area was an industrial quarry from the 1950s. Then, it became a city dump until 1988!

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What a beautiful metamorphisis.

Today, it is one of Montreal’s largest green spaces and park open year-round. There’s so much to do in any season, from stargazing to live music and outdoor cinema and more!

Public artwork by Alain-Martin named “Anamnesis 1 + 1” and a gazebo on the park’s eastern side provides a 360 degree view of the city.

The soccer stadium and the indoor skate park, TAZ are also on site. And if that’s not enough…

The park will only be completed in 2025. The work continues with the planting of thousands of trees and even a man-made lake being built!

Meanwhile, there’s the circus, la TOHU. The venue, dedicated to circus arts, is a certified green building and happens to be the first ever, 360 degree circular performance space for the arts of the circus. There are even facilities for Cirque du Soleil and the National Circus School, among others.

It’s quite a site and a sight.

Parc Frederic Back Park

Where: 2235 Michel-Jurdant Street, Montreal H1Z 4N1

When: Open 6 AM to Midnight, year-round

Map of Frederic Back Park