First Fridays Montreal Returns with 48 Food Trucks Next Month!

First Fridays Montreal

With each day, Summer is getting closer, and First Fridays are coming back with it. Montreal is the place to be if you love food trucks, and starting on May 4th, you’ll be able to find them around the city.

First Fridays Montreal

Food trucks are the best because for lots of reasons – like, you get delicious food without having to get dressed for a table at a gourmet restaurant or because you never need a reservation.

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The 48 food trucks that will make up First Fridays Montreal in 2018 have been announced and here are just a few of them:

  • Burger Truck
  • Cholo 58
  • Duck Truck MTL
  • La Shop A Poutine
  • Le Smoking BBQ
  • Puffs Pastry
  • Shnitzel Truck
First Fridays Montreal
Montreal Food Trucks

Are you feeling hungry yet?

Click this link to the website to find the complete list of Montreal food trucks 2018.

Photo credit: Montreal Food Trucks/Facebook