Fake COVID-19 Apps Look Authentic But Steal User Data

fake covid-19 apps

More than 12 fake COVID-19 apps that look authentic are actually spreading malware all over the world. Why is this bad? Well, these coronavirus tracking software apps are stealing personal information.

The bogus contact tracing apps steal information easily — once downloaded and installed on an electronic device, like a computer or smartphone, they install malware at the same time. In doing so, they steal personal data and banking information!

How do you know if you’ve installed a fake COVID-19 app?

The bogus coronavirus contact tracing apps apparently don’t come from the Google Play Store. Instead, they seem to spread via other apps and websites or third party stores that encourage users to download them.

The pandemic’s global impact has lead to public fear — something hackers are taking advantage of and tricking users into revealing important data and passwords in many ways, including with fake COVID-19 apps…[read more]

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