English Is Up In Montreal, So CAQ Proposes French-Only Businesses

shallow focus photography of red and white for hire signage

There was a language survey in the province, and it didn’t go as well as some would have hoped. Now, Bill 101 might be expanded to companies that are federally regulated!

Employers are seemingly asking for English proficiency with new hires, especially in Montreal. And that has made the CAQ very nervous — so nervous that they are thinking of ways to crack down.

According to the survey released just last week, about 60% of Montreal businesses ask for English skills.

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The CAQ’s reply: to apply Bill 101 to federally regulated businesses. That would include broadcasters, railways, and banks!

Critics say this would be virtually impossible — “how would federal enterprises be under Bill 101?”

Remember that businesses with 50 or more employees must use French as their working language.

Julius Grey, a constitutional lawyer says that a province doesn’t have that kind of power. That’s becauses federally regulated businesses are under the Official Languages Act of Canada.

However, most businesses even federally regulated are already functioning in French everywhere in Quebec.

CAQ leaders say Montreal must fall in line, however, with its vision of a Quebec that’s fully French again. Is the CAQ trying to reconnect with its base during these difficult times? Read more…