Enfants en Première -Simulated Trip Event at PET Airport for Kids with Autism

enfants en premiere

With the prevalence of autism, a simulated flight event at Trudeau Airport will help these and other kids with special needs. It’s called Enfants en Première, and it’s free! But, only for one day.

In simulating a trip, the children, accompanied by an adult (parents or friends) will learn the different travel-related processes from the moment they arrive at the airport until they board a plane.

The entire simulation lasts about 3 hours.

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There’s no actual flight – just a “drill.” It’s similar to the the “Wings for Autism” program at Logan Int’l Airport in Boston, where this initiative began.

If you’re interested, just complete the form and email it. You have to register!

Click the link to access the form.

Enfants en Première at Trudeau Airport

  • Where: Trudeau Airport
  • When: April 7, 2019
  • Cost: FREE

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