Montreal Electric BIXI Bikes to Hit the Streets in August – Glide Not Ride!

electric bixi bikes

If you love the idea of cycling, but find that it can get tiring, you’ll be excited when the new Montreal electric BIXI bikes are unveiled in August. . The bicycles are electric-assisted and similar to Laval models.

The new electric BIXI bikes will be available at 40 different docks around Montreal! Projet Montreal says you will be able to rent the electric BIXIs for the same price as the regular models.

The bikes run using a rechargeable battery which lasts for a little more than 100 kilometers. They recharge during routine tunings.

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Launching the Electric Bixi Bikes

The launch for the electric BIXIs is scheduled for August 15th, to test their functionality and technology. BIXI wants to monitor public interest to determine whether the electric models have a place within Montreal cycling culture.

BIXI hopes the new option will attract new users and offer an alternative to motorists later on. Each BIXI electric bike is equipped with a screen on the handlebars showing battery life.

Cyclists will have the option of peddling normally or riding using an automatic mode. 

BIXI makes it clear that riders must continue to be careful in traffic, so avoid cell phone use, and wear helmets. Ride safe!



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