Elections | Valérie Plante Vows to Repeal Pit Bull Ban

pit bull ban

The controversial animal control bylaw, also called the Pit Bull Ban, would apparently be repealed if Valérie Plante becomes Mayor of Montreal.

The dangerous dog bylaw has become a key issue in the 2017 mayoral elections. She’s got lots of dog lovers and dog owners on her side, including lawyer Anne-France Goldwater, a well-known animal welfare activist.

pit bull ban

However, there are some aspects of the bylaw that would continue to be supported by Plante and her administration.

For instance, mandatory licensing for dogs and cats, among others.

Projet Montreal is likely to follow the lead of other major Canadian cities, such as Calgary’s but it is a long way away from the the $127 million investment into animal services by the City of Calgary. Montreal only invested $1.29 million.