Drivers Get Ready to be Pulled Over for Alcohol Checks – Driving Drunk


While you may be celebrating the Holiday Season, Montreal Police will be out in full force to ensure you’re behaving behind the wheel. So, with that, drivers get read to be pulled over for alcohol checks at any point, any where for driving drunk.

driving drunk

Be prepared for roadblocks! There won’t be any warnings issued, so drivers, if you’re planning to drink DON’T DRIVE!

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Driving Drunk – What You Need to Know

Drivers will also notice an increased police presence in and around Montreal. As it stands, in the month of December, according to statistics, each day police arrest approximately 20 people for driving drunk.

Driver spot-checks will be set up around Montreal and the West Island included. It’s pretty straightforward as to how these are conducted: the police ask drivers questions to assess their sobriety.

driving drunk

They consider the driver’s smell (for alcohol on the breath) and his/her behaviour. If the officer suspect the driver was drinking, then the officer will perform a sobriety test.


Have you had too many drinks while at a party?

Leave your car where it is and call Opération Nez Rouge where a volunteer will come to you and drive you home safely. For more information check their website here.