Dragon’s Den Millionaire Kevin O’Leary in Big Trouble

(Photograph by Ryan Stone/Novus Select)

It seems like the former wanna be politician is in a whole lot of trouble. Kevin O’Leary in big trouble now. 

Kevin O’Leary, former Montrealer, is being sued following allegation that he used illegal information to make millions for himself.

For one thing, his dream of becoming a politician is pretty much gone with the wind.

What did Kevin O’Leary do?

It seems like the Shark Tank host used illegal information to invest in an online business that would ultimately affect every Canadian. So now, he’s being sued by the federal government.

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O’Leary thought he’d use his inside information about online casinos being legalized in Canada to profit from it. What he did was that he invested in online casinos after learning this confidential information, and he made big bucks.

Tough guy Kevin O’Leary might be shaking in his shoes right now.