Doggie Seat Belt – Would You Put Your Dog in This Contraption?

doggie seat belt

Does your dog love getting in the car and hitting the road with you? Isn’t it great seeing him get all excited that he’s going out with you – his tail is wagging; he keeps running around and looking back to make sure you’re right behind him? It’s adorable, and funny. But it may never happen again for some dogs if they are strapped into a doggie seat belt.

But, do you ever wonder how safe your dog is in the car? Is he in a travel crate or carrier? That’s why the creators of this doggie seat belt invented it.

You’ll see in the video below about the ‘incredible’ doggie seat belt just how unsafe he is in those safety carriers.

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Of course, we want the best for our dogs, but would you put your dog in this doggie seat belt? Watch the video and you be the judge…personally, I don’t think mine would ever get in the car again if I put him in this contraption. How about yours?

Although it’s explained very well in the video, the fact that the dogs are kind of floating in the seat makes me feel bad for them.

Most of the dogs in the video looked a bit upset and even sad that they were strapped in, right?

Imagine your dog now. After being put through all that, is it possible that your dog would hide at the sound of jingling keys?