Doctors Said Her Son Wouldn’t Live Past His 2nd Birthday. He Did So His Town Organized a Parade for Him


The mother of this poor little boy in Chicago with a rare disorder was told by doctors that he wouldn’t live past his 2nd birthday.

Well, they were wrong. So wrong that Nash turned 3 and didn’t have just a regular old birthday party. Instead, his town threw him a parade!

On the eve of his 3rd birthday, the town celebrated with a parade because Nash can’t be around too many people, due to his disease.

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Nash has a rare disease called spinal muscular atrophy with respiratory distress, which is incurable. And, it causes a weakened immune system, so a regular kids’ birthday party could be fatal to Nash.

Nash’s Parade

Over 100 cars drove by. It was amazing for him because he can’t be around people. So, for over an hour, at Nash’s Parade, truck after truck, SUV after SUV, and car after car drove by his street, all in this little boy’s honor! Each vehicle decorated, like floats at parades.