Doctor Says You’ll Get Healthier By Eating This Food – And It’s Not What You Think!


For decades we’ve heard “eat this but don’t eat that.” One day something is good for you, and then new studies show it just wasn’t as good as they thought.

According to Dr. Shawn Baker, you should be eating – are you ready for this one – more meat!

In fact, Dr. Baker has been eating an all-meat diet for over a year and feels better than ever before. And, it’s not just for supper. Meat is on his plate at every meal of the day, even at breakfast. It’s called the Carnivore Diet and it’s all about meat and more meat – all you can eat meat.

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If you want to follow the Carnivore Diet, eat meat like Dr. Baker. You can also get creative and put other things in the mix, like dairy products and eggs.

All meat diet

What you’re not supposed to eat is any fruit or vegetables. Your mind must be bringing back memories all the way from when you were a child and your mommy insisted that you eat your vegetables, right?

Dr. Baker goes on to explain that he doesn’t require vitamins because he’s getting everything from the meat he eats.

He explains that the Inuit survived on such a diet for thousands of years because, most of the year, their land is blanketed by ice. And, let’s face it, agricultural crops only began to appear in 9,500 BC.

Another point made is that many chronic diseases and food sensitivities and intolerance are generally, for the most part, a result of sugars and grains consumption.

Your thoughts on following the Carnivore Diet?