Did You Know the CRA Could File Taxes for You?


Get the CRA file taxes for you! How wonderful would that be???

Canadians are starting to wonder why the Canadian Revenue Agency doesn’t simply files taxes for them. The CRA has all the information they need to complete your tax return, so what gives? For most people, their tax return would be easily filed by the CRA, with the exception of those who are self-employed.

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Canada wouldn’t be the first country to implement a system like this, as it’s already taking place in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. This type of system would also help ensure that people who qualify for benefits like the Child Benefit, Worker’s Benefit, and GIS are covered.

Simplifying the tax system would effectively lower income taxes and also ease the stress of this yearly task. So, if you see the sense in this inquiry, take the time to make a note to the CRA on your taxes this year!