Dentists Show Vaping Dangers Exist & Damage Teeth and Gums

vaping dangers

There are lots of things that we don’t know about vaping. Even if experts suspect dangers, they haven’t been proven, so far. But dentists say vaping dangers exist.

What are the Vaping Dangers?

They believe that vaping can lead to gum disease and even the development of cell death can occur.

Besides that, we do know about lung injuries that have happened, some of which have led to death.

As for dentists, they see how vaping affects the mouth and teeth.

The chemicals produced in e-juices, when heated and mixed with nicotine form an aerosol that may be toxic to teeth.

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Experts have studied the issue of vaping on the mouth for years. Early on in the research, it was believed that the exposure to vape products would be much less harmful than cigarette smoking, but that wasn’t the case.

After just 2 exposures to e-cigarettes, there was some cell death in the gum tissue!

To be fair, vaping is not as bad to teeth and gums as is cigarette smoking. But, it is bad enough to raise concern among dentists.

It may take up to ten more years to fully understand the impact of vaping on the overall health of individuals who use vape products.

But it’s clear that vaping dangers exist and there is a direct impact on teeth and gums. There’s obvious damage to gum tissue cells caused by e-cigs.

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