Deer Living In Longueuil Park Will Be Slaughtered — Mayor Threatened

The city of Longueuil has been dealing with a white-tailed deer problem for some time now. Their efforts have not solved the problem, so city officials decided for the 15 or so deer living in the Michel-Chartrand Park will be slaughtered.

When the decision was announce, Mayor Sylvie Parent received a threat that launched a police investigation.

Clearly, for police to get involved, the threat had to be serious enoungh.

The overpopulation of white-tailed deer supposedly threaten the future of the park and its biodiversity.

There are other risks involved, too–an increased risk of Lyme disease transmission, and the fear of more traffic accidents nearby.

Officials claim that relocating the deer is an environmental problem too. Adding animals to another location could increase the risk of disease.

The deer will be euthanized and the meat will be distributed to food banks.