Deadly Coronavirus Spreading — May Declare Public Health Emergency


While many people die from viruses every year, this one is different — it can’t be treated by antibiotics.

The deadly virus 2019-nCoV, aka coronavirus, is closely related to the SARS virus. So far, 200 people are affected in China, with two deaths confirmed by the WHO, while China reports 6 deaths.

With the outbreak, the World Health Organization, or WHO, is considering declaring a public international health emergency.

So far here in Canada, there haven’t been any reports of people returning from China and Asia with the virus. But, hospitals in Montreal have been placed on alert.

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If anyone comes to the emergency room with symptoms similar to the flu, they’ll be asked if they were in China. By doing so, they can contain it before it spreads, if it arrives here.

Consider that Trudeau Airport has daily flights to Montreal from China, and it’s not certain that the airport has the proper equipment to detect anyone with elevated body temperatures.

Keep in mind that SARS killed 774 people in China and infected about 300 people in Toronto.

Another problem with the coronavirus is that it’s new, so we don’t have pre-existing immunity to it, which makes it more dangerous.

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