Unbelievable Video Shows How Dangerous Cyclists in Montreal Really Are!


Do you ever drive around the city and think “This is NUTS?!” You’re not alone. Montreal has become a very bike-friendly city – and that’s a great thing. There are less cars on the roads as cyclists choose healthier options to get around, and it’s better for the environment. We even have bicycle movers in Montreal.

But (yes, there’s a but) too many cyclists are breaking the rules way too often. And with that, they risk their lives and those of pedestrians and drivers! These laws DO apply to cyclists too, but who’s policing them?!

There are lots of problems on the road – people are extremely distracted with their phones, for one thing. That means drivers and pedestrians too. We all need to LOOK UP!

Many cyclists don’t even know the bike laws. Take a look at this video that a CYCLIST from Montreal posted on YouTube recently that shows the craziest things cyclists are doing on the roads of Montreal. Law after law is broken.

Someone needs to do something about this because the situation is out of control!