Crying Once a Week Reduces Stress Says Japanese Tears Teacher Professor

darksouls1 / Pixabay

There have been decades of research linking crying with a release of emotions. Now, professor Junko Umihara of Nippon Medical School in Japan claims that crying is the best way to reduce stress.

In the story published in the Japan Times, Umihara says,

“Crying is an act of self-defense against accumulating stresses.”

In fact, both schools and companies in Japan are encouraging employees and students respectively to cry. They believe it will reduce stress and improve mental health.

According to the former high school teacher, Hidefumi Yoshida who calls himself a tears teacher actually organizes activities around Japan demonstrating the benefits of crying. He claims that if you cry once a week, you can live the life of reduced stress.

Crying is even better than laughing or sleeping when it comes to reducing stress. Emotional tears contain stress hormones and toxins. So, when we cry, we reduce stress and detoxify the body. Additionally, it stimulates the production of endorphins.

So don’t hold back the tears. Just make sure you carry some tissues with you everywhere you go.