Although we are the ones dishing out to the governments at every level, this time, the tables are turned!

What You Need to Know about the CRT Class-Action Lawsuit

After a Class-Action Lawsuit was filed against the federal government, and a settlement of almost $50 million, everyone in Quebec, BC, and Ontario is about to get their fair share.

The payment is related to CRT purchases made from March 1, 1995 to November 25, 2007. 

To begin with, a CRT is a display used in computer monitors and televisions (cathode ray tube).

So, if you bought a TV or 2, or a computer monitor or 2 or 3, etc. you get reimbursed. The minimum amount you will receive is $20, and this is WITHOUT PROOF!

If you have proof of purchase of more than one item, you will receive more money. But, you have to claim it by March 1, 2019. 

Here is the form to complete to claim your money.