COVID-19 Peaks In Quebec With +/- 300 Cases 1 Day

Quebec has confirmed close to 300 COVID-19 cases in the province. This is the 5th consecutive day where there have been over 200 coronavirus cases in a 24-hour period!

There was one death in the past day, and another three on Sunday, as reported at 6 PM on September 14.

Sante Quebec continues to remind people to wear face masks in public, use appropriate hand sanitizers and to wash hands frequently.

Meanwhile, there have been additional flights, either arriving at or departing from making the Canadian Government’s list of possible coronavirus exposure.

Last week, on September 11 flight TK35 from Istanbul to Montreal made the list. And, on September 7, flight AC323 from Calgary was another with potential exposure to the deadly virus.

In addition to these, there have also been other international flights that landed in Montreal with potential exposure to coronavirus, from:

Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala, France, Germany and Turkey.

See the government list to confirm flights with confirmed COVID-19 cases.