Top 10 Costs of Owning a Dog – Dog Ownership Expenses

costs of owning a dog

No one can really put a price on a dog’s loyalty. In addition to their companionship, these bundles of joy are capable of putting a smile on anyone no matter how crabby they may be. They are truly a host of positive attributes, but dogs do come with many financial burdens not necessarily considered by enthusiastic dog owners. Consider, for example, unexpected veterinary charges, or obedience school, and let’s not forget soiled rugs. All these costs of owning a dog need to be factored in before making such a decision. For sure, a puppy’s love is priceless, but it comes with a downside of expensive upkeep that not everyone is capable of maintaining.

Here are the top 10 costs of owning a dog:

Cost of Buying a Puppy

Most people usually only consider the outright cost of purchasing a dog which can be a burden in itself, financially speaking. For instance, some breeds can cost upwards of $5000. Aside from the puppy price, there are numerous fees that dog owners should consider, such as initial medical expenses which include vaccines and the like.

costs of owning a dog

One-Time Puppy Purchases

One-time costs include spaying or neutering charges, a crate, a bed, a collar and leash, and in some cases, a carrier bag.

Calculating Dog Medical Fees

Medical fees are a significant consideration that people should never overlook. To help you make the right decisions when adopting or purchasing a dog, here is a list of the top 10 costs to owning a dog.

10. The license.

Most cities require you to have a permit to own a dog. The price of a permit can range depending on your town, but this license is generally renewed every year. Although the average price is about $15 for a license, certain breeds of dogs carry a larger cost than that average price.

9. Miscellaneous costs of dog ownership.

Miscellaneous costs are those that are not necessarily expected but do exist. For example, one might have to factor in destroyed slippers and other footwear, or possibly the cost of replacing a couch that Fido decided to chew on.

8. Toys or Treats

Toys range in prices depending on their quality and the type. It’s nice for dogs to have a variety of toys to play with, so that they are kept busy chewing on something they’re supposed to be chewing on, rather than eating away at your expensive oriental rug. Treats are also a cost that should be factored in. Treats are an excellent way to reward your pet for good behavior and especially important as a reward during training.

7. Pet Health Insurance

With the rising cost of veterinary visits, it’s best to have insurance to help you along with the exorbitant prices associated with your dog’s health. In the end, it can be a matter of life and death because some treatments and procedures can be too expensive to cover yourself.

6. Dog Food

Many people don’t consider the cost of food when adopting or purchasing a dog, but it is a significant expense, especially for large breeds. It’s important to give your dog food that is nutritional, but the better the product, the more expensive it will be. That may not seem like a lot when you’re feeding a Chihuahua, but it can be costly when feeding a Great Dane.

5. Veterinarian Recurring Medical Examinations

Carefully consider recurring medical examinations. Visits to the vet on a frequent basis can weigh heavy on your wallet. This would include vaccinations, heart-worm prevention, exam, and flee or tick preventative measures.

4. Long Hair Grooming

Some breeds require a considerable amount of grooming preferably performed by professional groomers. Grooming will set you back hundreds of dollars each year, and possibly more, depending on your location.

3. Dog Boarding.

It’s great that these services exist, but if you plan on being out of town for work or pleasure often, this can be hard on your bank account. Dog boarding is quite costly.

2. Pet Sitters – Dog Sitters.

Pet sitters are an excellent service, especially if you find exceptional people to care for your pet when you are out of town. On the downside, pet sitters are extremely expensive. Just as with dog boarding, if you plan on being away on a regular basis, you should consider these costs of owning a dog before adopting.

1. Dog walkers.

Dog walkers provide a service for those who are unable to walk their dogs during the day as they are away at work. The downside to dog walkers is that they can, depending on your location, cost you $5000 or more each year for daily dog walking fees.

costs of owning a dog

Dog ownership is a huge responsibility. It can easily be compared to having a toddler for up to 15 years. You’ll always need to come home to feed him and take him out on a walk to do his business. In addition to this, you’ll have to consider the high costs involved with dog ownership. Sit down with a pen and paper to calculate the different expenses.

What’s more is that some breeds are more prone to certain diseases or conditions with costs that are through the roof. Knowing as much about a particular breed as possible can ensure you choose one that is fitting to your lifestyle and financial situation and knowing the costs of owning a dog will give you peace of mind and confidence in making the right decision.